Internet Marketing is also for small businesses

There are small business owners who think that Online Marketing is a waste of money and they do not need it. In some cases, they even think that Internet Marketing is only for big companies with big pockets. There are several points of contention from small business owners. Perhaps some of them are familiar to you. My business is fine and I don’t need more customers If that’s your case, we congratulate you. However, just because you are satisfied with your customer base, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those customers will stay with you forever. Access to Internet has grown enormously. Nowadays, most people go to the Internet and check Google or visit social media venues regularly. Chances are they are going to find out about other companies that can do what you do. It can be that you are the best provider for them, but not having a minimum presence on the internet may jeopardize the image they have of your company, since other businesses are already speaking to them through th

Short Guide to Digital Marketing

Having a website is not enough anymore. A proper Digital Marketing plan is necessary to allow businesses grow their bottom line.

Email Marketing 101

E-mail marketing, together with social media marketing, is one of the most important tools to close a sale for any size business. One of the benefits of having an e-mail list is the ability to market your products to numbers of people with a common interest. It is all about providing your list with useful information, not only on your products or services but relevant information your prospects may be looking for until they are ready to purchase. Email marketing allows you to know more about your clients, what is holding them from purchasing your products, knowing any complaints raised by an unsatisfied customer, and above all understand the needs of your audience. It is important to keep in mind, though, that -as with any marketing tool- your efforts will be rewarded, as long as you track and analize the results you obtain with your email campaigns. After knowing the benefits of having an e-mail list, a question remains... How do I build an e-mail list? 1. Identify your niche